8 Cold Email Templates for B2B You Must Be Using

Crafting the perfect cold email can often feel like a puzzle with missing pieces. You may have a promising prospect, a catchy subject line, and impeccable timing, yet your inbox remains eerily silent. This lack of response can be disheartening. However, there’s a strategy that can reduce this frustration. This is the use of cold email templates specifically designed for B2B.

These templates offer many advantages. They are easy to make and serve as a source of inspiration. More crucially, they enable split testing, allowing you to fine-tune your approach based on real-time feedback. If you’d like to do this, we’ll delve into the top 8 cold email templates for B2B below.

AIDI Template

  • Attention — Captures the reader’s attention right from the start.
  • Interest — Keeps them involved by connecting with their interests or pain points.
  • Desire — Creates a longing for your product or service by showcasing its benefits.
  • Action — Prompts the reader to take a specific action, such as replying or clicking a link.

This approach works because it guides the reader through a psychological journey.

First, it grabs their attention in a crowded inbox. Then, it maintains their interest by addressing something relevant to them. It further entices them by presenting a desirable solution to their problem. Finally, it nudges them towards taking action, ideally leading to a business opportunity.

Email Template

Subject: Transform Your Sales Messaging

Hi Tim,

(A) Need help with sales targets? You’re not alone.

(I): Sales professionals often face immense pressure, leading to stress and burnout.

(D): What if you could alleviate this with better messaging? We specialize in creating sales messages that resonate and convert, easing the load on your team.

(A) Interested in a more practical approach? Let’s talk.

Warm regards,


BAB Template

  • Before — Highlighting the current challenges or issues the lead is facing.
  • After — Illustrating a vision of the improved situation once these challenges are resolved.
  • Bridge — Demonstrating how your product or service acts as the bridge from ‘Before’ to ‘After,’ effectively solving their problem.

This method resonates well because it first empathizes with the recipient’s current struggles, then offers a hopeful glimpse of a problem-free future, and finally introduces your offer as the solution.

Email Template

Subject: Unlock Efficiency for Your Sales Team

Hi Tim,

(B) Managing a sales team can be overwhelming. With many prospects and tasks, keeping everything on track is challenging. This often leads to increased pressure and reduced efficiency.

(A) Imagine a scenario where your team not only meets their targets but does so with time to spare. A world where they exceed quotas while enjoying well-deserved breaks to stay motivated and sharp.

(B): We provide tailored sales messaging solutions that eliminate time-consuming tasks. Your team can maximize efficiency and effectiveness by focusing on impactful interactions and avoiding repetitive work.

Would you be interested in exploring how we can streamline your sales process?



PAS Template

  • Problem — Identifying a specific issue causing pain or frustration for the prospect.
  • Agitate — Amplifying the problem to emphasize its impact and urgency.
  • Solution — Presenting your product or service as the solution to alleviate these pain points.

This approach is powerful because it directly addresses the challenges the recipient is facing. It acknowledges their current predicament and heightens their awareness of its implications, creating a sense of urgency. Finally, it positions your offering as the much-needed solution, making your proposition timely and compelling.

Email Template

Subject: Transform Your Sales Team’s Performance

Hi Tim,

(P) Is the uncertainty of your sales team meeting their targets keeping you up at night? This concern is common among leaders striving to balance executive expectations with real-world sales challenges.

(A) The stress of uncertain outcomes can be overwhelming. When your sales team’s performance is unpredictable, it not only affects their morale but also impacts the broader strategic goals of your company.

(S): A predictable sales pipeline is the key to a well-functioning sales strategy and your peace of mind. Achieving predictability requires more than just effort; it needs effective sales messaging.

Let’s explore how we can enhance your sales messaging to build a more predictable and stress-free sales pipeline.

Would you be interested in a conversation to ease your pipeline worries?

Best wishes,


SAS Template

  • Star — Introducing a central figure or ‘star’ of your story. This could be yourself, a satisfied customer, or another relevant entity.
  • Arch — Detailing the journey of the ‘star’, emphasizing their challenges and struggles, which should mirror your lead’s.
  • Success — Highlighting how the ‘star’ overcame their challenges, ideally with the help of your product or service, thus reaching a successful outcome.

This format works well because it tells a story the recipient can relate to. It humanizes the email and makes the message more memorable. By seeing someone else’s journey from problem to solution, the prospect can envision how your offering could benefit them.

Email Template

Subject: A Success Story in Sales Efficiency

Hi Tim,

(Star): Let me introduce you to Alex, a sales manager in a fast-paced tech company. Like you, Alex struggled to ensure his team met their targets amidst intense market competition.

(Arch): Alex’s team was struggling. Despite their hard work, they needed to hit their numbers more consistently. The pressure was mounting, and morale was low. That’s when Alex decided to try a different approach.

(Success): Alex’s team transformed their performance by implementing our tailored sales messaging strategy. They started exceeding their targets, and the team morale soared. The right messaging made all the difference, turning their effort into measurable success.

Would you like to hear more about how we can replicate this success in your team?

Best regards,


TUB Template

  • Them — This section is dedicated to the prospect. It involves researching and personalizing the message based on the recipient’s background, company, or industry. The aim is to demonstrate that you have taken the time to understand their specific situation and needs.
  • Us — Here, you talk about your company’s expertise and understanding of the industry. This section should align your knowledge or experience with the needs or trends relevant to the prospect’s business.
  • Both — This is the call to action. After establishing value in the ‘Them’ and ‘Us’ parts, this section offers to collaborate in solving a problem the prospect is facing.

TUB is practical because it focuses on building a connection through personalized engagement. Demonstrating a deep understanding of the prospect’s situation and aligning it with your company’s expertise creates a compelling case for why a collaborative solution would be beneficial.

Email Template

Subject: Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Business Challenges

Hi Tim,

(Them): I noticed your company’s recent expansion into new markets and the challenges this can bring, especially in streamlining communication across diverse teams. Your strategy in addressing these changes has been impressive.

(Us): At [Your Company], we have extensive experience facilitating effective communication strategies for companies undergoing rapid growth. We understand the complexities and have successfully guided similar companies through this transition.

(Both): Would you be open to discussing how we can support your team in enhancing communication efficiency tailored to your specific expansion challenges?

Looking forward to the opportunity to collaborate,


BASHO Template

The BASHO method is a targeted, research-driven approach for creating B2B cold emails. It involves:

  • Research — Start with in-depth research to identify the critical decision-makers within the target organization. This step ensures that your message is directed at the most likely interested in your offer.
  • Personalized Subject Line — Crafting a subject line that directly addresses a specific pain point or value proposition of the decision-maker. This isn’t about generic catchphrases but about making an instant, relevant impact.
  • Personalized Hook — The email begins with a hook that demonstrates the research done by your team. It’s about making a connection that shows you understand their unique situation or challenges.
  • Value Proposition — Explaining how your company can add value or solve a problem for them. This is an opportunity to build trust and present social proof, such as a success story.
  • Call to Action (CTA) — Concluding with a request for a call or a meeting to discuss further, aiming to take the conversation beyond the email.

This method is highly effective because it’s tailored and direct. It shows the recipient that you’ve done your homework, understand their needs, and have a specific solution to offer.

Email Template

Subject: Tim, Your Sales Strategy Insights Align with Our Expertise (Personalized Subject Line)

Hi Tim,

(Personalized Hook) Reading your recent article on scaling sales in tech sectors, I was struck by your insightful approach to growth challenges.

(Research) Your in-depth understanding of these challenges resonates with the core mission of our company, especially in the context of rapidly growing tech firms.

(Value Proposition) We’ve helped companies like XYZ Corp to revolutionize their sales processes, leading to a 30% increase in efficiency in just the first quarter. Our strategy focuses on tailor-made solutions that are specifically designed to address unique industry challenges.

(Call to Action – CTA) I’m eager to explore how we could collaborate to enhance your sales strategy. Would you be available for a conversation next week to discuss how we can bring this level of transformation to your team?

Best regards,


PPP Template

  • Praise — Start the email by complimenting or acknowledging the prospect’s recent achievements or success. This shows that you’ve done your research and are genuinely interested in their progress.
  • Picture — Painting a brief but vivid picture of how your product or service can benefit them. This part should focus more on the prospect and how they can help rather than on the features of your product or service.
  • Push — Concluding with a gentle nudge, encouraging them to take action. This could be a call, a meeting, or even a trial of your product, but it should be framed as a natural next step to obtain the benefits you’ve described.

This method is particularly impactful as it creates a personal connection. It shows that you value and understand the prospect and then seamlessly introduces how your solution can play a role in their continued success.

Email Template

Subject: Congratulations on Your Latest Achievement

Hi Tim,

(Praise) Your recent recognition as a leading innovator in the renewable energy sector is an outstanding achievement. Your commitment to sustainable solutions sets a remarkable example in the industry.

(Picture) With your vision for a greener future, I see a great synergy with [Your Product/Service]. Imagine integrating our energy-efficient solutions into your operations, further enhancing your sustainability efforts and streamlining efficiency. This partnership could elevate your operational capabilities while advancing your environmental goals.

(Push) I’d be thrilled to discuss how our solutions could support and amplify your pioneering work in renewable energy. Are you available for a brief conversation to explore this potential collaboration further?

Best wishes,


Sujna’s 3 Sentence Format

Sujna’s 3 Sentence Format is a concise approach for crafting B2B cold emails, focusing on briefness and clarity. It involves:

  • Introduction — A brief opening sentence that introduces you or your company.
  • Description of Offer — A clear and straightforward statement about what you can offer or how your product or service can benefit the prospect.
  • Ask for a Meeting — A direct request for a meeting or further conversation to discuss the potential benefits in more detail.

This format is particularly effective for capturing attention in a busy inbox. It respects the recipient’s time by getting straight to the point, making it more likely that they’ll read and respond to your email. It’s suitable for manual and automated emails, offering a versatile template for various scenarios.

Email Template

Subject: Streamline Your Business Processes

Hi Laura,

I’m Sam from [Your Company], and I specialize in business process optimization. We help companies like yours increase efficiency and reduce operational costs. Would you be available for a quick call to discuss how we can assist your business?

Best regards,


Let Us Create Your B2B Cold Email Templates

As we’ve discussed, creating the right B2B cold email template is more art than science. The challenge isn’t just about what you say, but how you say it, ensuring your message resonates with your audience.

To navigate these complexities, why not lean on the expertise of those who live and breathe email marketing? At Mailbox Labs, we’re dedicated to creating bespoke B2B cold email templates that always hit the mark. We’ve assisted countless businesses in refining their email strategies, leading to notable improvements in response rates and lead generation.

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